Our Story

South Main Cycles emerged from a life-long passion for the joy of cycling. We are first and foremost cyclists who participate and enjoy all disciplines and levels of the sport. From hardcore endurance mountain bike racing to local criteriums to group road rides to greenway cruising with the kiddos - we’re into it all, and we are here to help you in your pursuit of the joy that accompanies a great day on two wheels. The beauty of cycling is that it can be enjoyed by virtually everyone, and it’s our mission to help you on your personal cycling journey…where ever that may lead you.

Our Commitment

Delivering Quality and Value is our top priority at South Main Cycles. We achieve this through outstanding customer service, professional expertise, and compelling product offerings. From balance-bikes for your toddler to properly balanced spoke tension on your new hand-built wheelset, our staff has the expertise to serve and will do so in a courteous, unpretentious manner. The product brands we carry were deliberately chosen to offer the best quality at the greatest value to the consumer. In particular, Giant Bicycles offers cyclists, at all levels, one of the finest quality and highest values on the market today. We encourage you to stop in and see for yourself.